Cafa & Hotel Management System Available at very lowest Prices

Friday, September 04, 2015

We have web based Hotel Management System with following features:

Admin login:

1. Dashboard
2. Restaurant (Manage Tables, Food Category)
3. People (Customers list, Users list, Vendor list)
4. Inventory (Products list)
5. Purchase (Purchase Order list, Purchase list)
6. Sales (Sales, Order lists)
7. Schedule
8. Settings (Shift, Taxes, UOM List, Currency List, System Settings)

- User login:

1. Dashboard
2. Table Layout
3. Open Bills
4. POS functions (Open Drawer, Recent Bills, Reports)
5. Manage Menus

Know more at :
Mob: +92-333-6156588
Office: +92-61-4020477
Fax: +92-61-6782611
Skype: nacseng

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